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HomeChoice Broadband ADSL + On-demand Digital TV

HomeChoice Broadband
HomeChoice Broadband

  • Unique broadband and on-demand digital TV service
  • £17.99 per month for 1Mb (20x speed) broadband and digital TV
    - £14.99 per month for first 2 months
  • £22.99 per month for 2Mb (40x speed) broadband and digital TV
    - £17.99 per month for first 2 months - save £10
  • £29.99 per month for 8Mb (160x speed) broadband and digital TV
    - £24.99 per month for first 2 months - save £10
  • £1 standard installation (equipment included) - save £49
  • Get an extra £10 off your first bill when you order on-line
  • Up to 70 digital and on-demand TV channels
  • Free anti-spam/anti-virus service
  • Free 100MB web space and 12 e-mail addresses
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Revolutionise the way you watch TV, use the web and make phone calls with just one pack from Homechoice.

You'll get all of this -

Digital TV on your television

Homechoice delivers the best of the small screen and video on-demand straight to your TV. From Friends on E4 to South Park on Paramount Comedy there's always something you'll want to watch. Plus our big choice of radio stations, that you can listen to through your TV, mean that altogether we have over 100 stomping channels to pick from.

Video on-demand

Don't live your life to the TV schedules. Video on-demand lets you watch a selection of your favourite television shows, or kick back and relax with a huge choice of movies and music videos, that are ready to watch at any time you want.

Plus, we call our on-demand programmes 'real on-demand' because they really are ready to watch at your say so. There's no waiting around for 15 minutes for your chosen show to start because as soon as you've selected an on-demand TV programme, music video or movie on Homechoice, you can watch it immediately.

High-speed broadband on your PC

Wave goodbye to tedious download times and the annoying delays of dial-up. Homechoice gives you the option of 1Mb, 2Mb or Max Speed (up to 8Mb) broadband for speedy online access. Along with 12 email addresses, 100MB of webspace and anti-virus and anti-spam checks, there's everything you'll need to get the most out of the web.

Free calls on your telephone

All of our packs give you the choice between 2 different talk plans -

Either way you get great rates on calls to all UK mobiles and to overseas numbers.

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